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Weekend Today (Channel 9 TV)
Weekend Today show at the best escape room Australia

Cam & Natalia Weekend Today Show at Escape Hunt Sydney

Detectives Cam & Natalia try out Escape Hunt Sydney’s new advanced escape room

Escape Hunt Sydney has recently launched their new advanced escape room – Assassin in the Pub. Based on the Sydney razor gangs of the 1920’s, this next generation escape room promises unique thrills, puzzles and some tricky gadgets.

Find out how they went on the Weekend Today show segment here

Sydney Weekender (Channel 7 TV)
Sydney Weekender at the best escape game Australia

Sydney Weekender team play Escape Hunt Sydney

Detectives Bec & Jason Stevens tests their skills at Escape Hunt Sydney

“Calling all detectives! If you love investigating and crime shows then here’s your chance to test your skills. The Escape Hunt Experience Sydney brings 100 year old mysteries in The Rocks to life”

Check out the results of their investigation here

Daily Telegraph (Best Weekend)
Best weekend at the best escape room Australia

Daily Telegraph Best Weekend Article 06/09/2014 – Escape Hunt Sydney

Cracking The Code

Victoria Hannaford discovers crime solving is anything but elementary

Brisbane Times
Brisbane Times at the best escape room Australia

Brisbane Times at the Escape Hunt Brisbane

More Than 200 Prisoners Escaped From Boggo Road Gaol – Now You Can Try Too

“Escape Hunt Brisbane….is taking over Boggo Road Gaol, allowing the experience of escaping from Brisbane’s most notorious cells.

The interactive jailbreak experience brings history to life, given the dark reputation of the landmark jail.”

Read full article here

Daily Telegraph 02/01/2017

Escape Room Events

Escape Hunt Proves a Game Changer


The escape-room concept is becoming increasingly popular in Sydney as team building exercises for corporates or a night out.

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2GB The Alan Jones Breakfast Show (Streets Of Sydney with Dan Mullins)
Dan Mullins at the best escape room Australia

Dan Mullins and Christal Ho at Escape Hunt Sydney

Detective Dan Mullins investigates what all the fuss is about

“It’s a brand new phenomenon taking the world by storm…it’s massive the world over”

Hear full radio segment here

Logies Goodie Bags


“An Escape Hunt racing against the clock to escape in 60 minutes and solve historic mysteries”

Read full article here

Rip It Up


“… this charming lounge bar …should be hosting a Sherlock Holmes inspired interactive murder mystery event …”

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Why Are Real Escape Rooms So Popular Among Travelers?

“It could be that these rooms–which are inspired by video games and challenge players to use problem-solving skills and teamwork to break out–often feature a theme and storyline connected to local history and culture, subjects that generally pique the interest of travelers.”

Read full article here



“Fancy sleuthing your way out of a locked room in an hour? Throw in secret doors and props harking back to the Sydney Rocks’ crime era heyday for an Escape Hunt Experience Sydney adventure.”

Hidden City Secrets



“Set in historical Brisbane, the brain-teasing, adrenaline-pumping game offers three different themes–Murder in the Barbershop, Treachery at the Racetrack and Bomb at Government House.

Curious to know more?  Read Here.

Glam Adelaide


The Escape Hunt Experience a top pick on Glam Adelaide


“We hope you have your thinking hats on! This day out isn’t for the faint of heart… or the slow of mind. We got ourselves down to Escape Hunt Adelaide to try out first hand if we’re the clever cookies (and Adelaide experts) that we think we are. And we have some HOT TIPS (don’t panic we won’t give away the good stuff!) for making it out alive.

Weekend Notes

Weekend Notes at Escape Hunt Sydney

Escaping is not easy with this addictive new escape room experience

The Weekend Notes team tried out this addictive new escape room in Sydney. The hunt is on, did they make it out of the best escape game Sydney has to offer?


Check out the awesome experience for each branch:

Impulse Gamer
Impulse Gamer at the best escape room Australia

Impulse Gamer Logo

Challenging The Impulse Gamer

Room with a clue: New live concept to challenge Australians”

Read full article here

Geek Bomb
Geek Bomb at the best escape room Australia

Geek Bomb at Escape Hunt Sydney

Geek Bomb Takes On Murder & Mystery at Escape Hunt

Read full Melbourne article here

Read full Sydney article here


AdelaideTeam Building In Disguise

“For local businesses, the suggestion of a team building day need no longer be met with eye-rolls and instant disengagement. Escape Hunt Adelaide, with its unique escape room experiences are providing team building with a twist to a range of corporate clients all over Adelaide.”

Read full article here

Aussie On The Road
Aussie On The Road at the best escape room Australia

Aussie on the Road at Escape Hunt Sydney

Aussie On The Road – Escaping the Escape Rooms of Bangkok And Sydney

“My motley crew of super sleuths have defeated the Sydney Escape Hunt”

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InDaily: Adelaide's Independent News
Game master at the best escape room Australia

Escape room game master in Perth

Great escape: Locked-in craze comes to Adelaide



Locked in a room with others and forced to work together to solve a series of puzzles before the clock ticks down to zero – it might sound like the premise of a horror movie, but the only reason to be scared is if you dread corporate team-building exercises.

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